We at Oak City Hemp are excited and determined to supply the people of NC with any and all hemp extracted products they may need or be interested in. The founding of this company is a work of passion for us, the staff, and everyone else that has assisted us along the way. It is our mission statement to ensure that Raleigh and the rest of the triangle area has access to reliable and trustworthy cannabinoid products.

We spare no time or expense to deliver quality legal products 100% free of all synthetics. Due to lax testing, there has been multiple issues with synthetics in products sourced outside of the US. We are 100% local and made in America. This guarantees pure lab grade extracted and tested products that are synthetic free. Our eye is trained on the future and we are growing exponentially, awaiting the opportunities that afford us the chance to spread to other states.

Come with us on this journey as we step into a brave new world of vocation, education, and legislation.

Thank you,

Founders of Oak City Hemp